Code coverage exceptions

Source Identifier Description
- hasOwnProperty.1 Else case for hasOwnProperty.
- exit.1 Exit function terminates the current processus, hence it can't be tested.
- unknown.1 When host detection fails, the gpf.hosts.unknown value is used. This case can't be tested.
assert assert.1 Coverage is estimated with the source version of GPF-JS, i.e. in DEBUG mode.
define/build This method is defined as a property getter but is used only once for now as it is not exposed.
host/wscript wscript.echo.1 WScript.Echo can't be bound to WScript and is not testable.
compability/promise compability.promise.1 Exception handling inside promise handlers are securing the code. No time was spent to understand how exceptions could occur in some particular case.
compatibility/object wscript.node.1 When WScript is simulated with NodeJS, the member proto exists
read flavor.1 When flavors are used, the gpf.fs namespace might be missing
require/javascript sourceURL.1 No structure to test case when page location ends with /